Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Well i just had that morning hour with Mike, and now i feel like my blog is one of them "twatty" ones. I'm going to be worrying about that, i thought it was meant to sound like an essay.

I am actually going to write about the film we watched this week, mainly because I'm shocked that Ron Perlman can speak french.

I actually liked this film, more than the others we watched mainly because some parts of it were meant to be funny unlike some of the other films, and know that sounds a bit bitchy but if you think about the crazy preacher man who walked like a zombie, its true.

Well back to it, an art director is basically either in charge of most creative aspects of a game, and is responsible for making sure that the game is kept as it was designed.
I found this site which explains what exactly the job entails from someone who works in the industry: link also explains that, this particular art director(Robert Chang ) "oversees the art quality of all the games the company develops and publishes, including advertising and publishing material." Which shows how wide and varied the job is.

After reading the above article by Robert Chang I believe that being an art director is not as artistic as the title suggests because not only does he watch over the art quality, he also has to deal with the publishing and advertising. so really he has to watch over everyone Else's work and watch them being artistic.
I also found this article use full because it outlines the various steps the game process has.
I personally haven't heard of many art directors, except for one Aaron Garbut who worked on most of the grand theft auto games and of coarse Manhunt which is one of my favourite games ever so its not really a surprise that Ive heard of him.
To be an art director one of the things you would need is mainly experience, as you would need to be able to spot where the people below you are making mistakes and be able to know what is needed for the games you are working on, and to be able to keep the game artistically on track. So in all (although its not the most artistic jobs) it is one of the most important jobs in the gaming industry.