Monday, 21 March 2011

DGDS (the programming thing)

Here are more of the assets i have created for the programmers society:

FMP -character render

This is my FMP character I have yet to:
Refine the textures i.e add more detail to the clothes, skin, hair
Rig it (this however wont take long)

Saturday, 19 March 2011


I am well into the fmp now and am near the end of completing the character as well as most of my assets. here are some of the designs for my character:

Id upload a render but I'm at my local library, as for my level that is going quite well I am however having a sizing issue (my level looks overly spacious which i think is a problem with the bsp attempting to fix this issue has meant that i have had to re size most of the bsp which is a massive irritation but on the other hand it looks alot better now especially the living room of the level. Surprisingly I have based some of the living room area on my own living room the (shape/ size)I found doing this made not only the living room look more believable but it also made it look much more attractive.
I am now working on the bottom of the stairs/entry of the house which is largely unfinished due to it being less important than the attic and the living room, that however wont stop it looking worse than the rest of the house.

wot i descovered?

well recently I've been thinking to myself  'i used to do alot more work at college' and i wanted to do this project right because its my last one so i sat and thought why. and i discovered that im still doing the same amount of work but its easy to misplace work when you dont know where it is as i used to print out all of my research drawings and renders and keep them all in a sketch book so i could look through and annotate which enables me to keep track of thing so that is why for this project i will do the same mainly for the research and sketches and ideas.

the programming thing

Well for the past few weeks i have been attending the programming group, club, social thing, and iv got to say it has been interesting. When i first went along I had my doubts and i still do with there still being no animators present (with them deciding whether they want to come or not) we don't actually look at this point if we will finish at all.
However i am pleased to say that I (probably because I'm the only third year there) have managed to get to model one of the main characters. Here he is:
(Ive got to say at this point I'm really happy with him and that rarely happens)

Iv also had the chance to make some other really attractive assets which i normally would not make. So personally even though it may still fail and we might not finish I have had the opportunity to make some good looking assets and I can also say I have worked as a group made up of more than just game artists which has enabled me to see how we all factor into to the process which is I suppose is worth it.