Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Well back to the group projects. My god I'm getting bored, its just looking at the same assets over and over again if I see those blue chairs again I might start a fire for them.

I might also have to make some changes in my evaluation because since the last presentation things have changed dramatically and we might actually have something to show at the end of it this time.
Well unreal update (which I've been picking up surprisingly quickly) I've learnt how to create animated textures (thanks Mark) for the TV I've nearly got fracture meshes, and I managed to cut a door out of the wall. I've also managed to get decals dirt and blood and the lighting is better as well. All of this, and all of the teams assets in the scene has improved the look of the level which mike said was boring and which I agree with, but I think now it'll be more interesting, hopefully. And I also hope to be able to have the rest of the teams assets in unreal by the end of the Easter holidays.

Monday, 29 March 2010

So far this “holiday” So called because I'm going to be in for most of it. I'm not complaining having time off is for the summer and trying to get good fast as well, I've started to alter my assets giving them more rounded off edges which heather asked for and I have also altered some of the finals for Chris. The final piece for Chris which I've altered is the train final. I think it looks a lot better, so much so I was disappointed in myself for handing in the first attempt because it was so crap and clearly unfinished.

In my review I had an aphifany I realised what Chris had been saying for the past almost two years less detail in the back of the image and more in the front makes the picture look 3d which is what I've tried to incorporate into my altered version of the train final.

unfortunately at the minute my internet wont let me load it so ill have to do it tomorrow when i go into uni.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Well I have to talk about the second year so im going to compare it to the first to show the difference.
I feel that the second year has befitted from the first years mistakes and as I, in the late first year, Managed to start opening Max without worrying what was going to happen and since have been able to fix most problems Max causes without closing it down in a fit of worry, and have since been able to create and model things faster, an example a four week project which in the first year would have taken me four or maybe more weeks took me one week.
Drawing wise I think on the digital front I have improved quite a bit maybe because ive gotten the hang of the brushes and where everything is, ive also gotten the hang of human poses thanks to life drawing which has enabled me to see the human form from most angles it has also enabled me to practise the aspect of drawing I had problems with perspective and foreshortening.

The group project has also enabled me to work with other people, and tolerate people who might upset me and who I might not work with normally.
I also think that the second year has allowed me to work better without having the tutors looking out all the time and that the other people in my class have helped me to learn things without having to bother heather all the time.
I think that the third year will have the tutors stepping back even further. And will rely on me sorting my own problems out even more than now.
It will also involve me becoming better at the 3D and drawing which is what I plan on doing over the summer by the third year I hope to have:

sorted out my normal maps
texture baking
and to be able to create better diffuse maps

I will also improve my drawing over the summer which will include perspective and landscape views.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Today I got a bit bored of having finished my assets for the group project so I decided I would have a go at the unreal stuff. Which im glad I did because, from mark, I learnt a lot today decals, lighting and what particular problems are and how they can be fixed. In fact I think that if I could have done this project over I would have put myself forward to do the unreal side of the project because I feel I would have been quite efficient with it and would have enjoyed it as well.
Tomorrow im going to attempt to make my tv texture animate so that the static flickers.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

recently I've had the Internet. Well its not the proper "works within 2 seconds" Internet its more, wait a few hours for a single page to open even this website i had to wait around for.

but even this limited connection has been a massive distraction to me I've found myself spending hours on facebook and at the end of the day convinsing myself I've done hours of work when if i think back iv done half an hours worth at the most. The lack of Internet was another reason i came into uni for an hour and then come home again but not that distraction is at uni and at home as well.
Even when i sit down to do work i find myself thinking just five minutes on tetris and i'l get back to work.
So in future I'm going to have to restrain myself and disconnect.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

all my assets so far some of the textures will have to be changed and more blood may be added
At the minute the group project has been going well considering ive spent alot of time avoiding thinking about and using unreal its surprisingly easy to use, and not only have the rest of my team been really helpful and patient with helping me i can now load packages import meshes and apply collision meshes which i applyed to all of my assets.
Im now going to have a look at importing textures into it as well.