Friday, 4 June 2010

gWell recently it actually dawned on me that iv' e continued drawing painting and modelling but I should also carry on writing the blogs.
However at the moment its probably clear nothing has been posted on facebook model wise this is because I'm apparently too close to my work, I'm actually afraid that the criticisms might upset me which is really weak but this is different to the set work I can put that up without fail but as soon as iv' e thought of something myself il just wait to hand it straight to heather and hope for the best, which is what I did for the last term I must have made at least seven 3d models yet put none of them on facebook, so if I make it into the third year which I hope I will ill try to work on my confidence and try to understand that not everyone will like my stuff or my styles but I should at least have the confidence to show my work without being afraid of the criticisms.

ps these blogs might be erratic in their uploading thats because the interent is a rare and expensive thing for me and il write the entries and store them up for when I get the internet.