Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Firstly I kinda enjoyed the talk we had from Rare, i thought it was quite insightful, however it did seem quite like an advert for that new game they had out what was it called......... haha

Anyway ive probrably used a lot less consoles than most people on this coarse but out of the ones that i have used, that the easiest to use was either my sega megadrive or my most recent ps2 slimline. Which i got when my crappy normal ps2 busted up, design flaw. (however my boyfriend recently fixed it, and so by default gets to keep it)
Naturally out of the two consoles the sega would be easiest to use as it had directional buttons and a jump and punch button, its simplicity was what made it easy to use.
However getting the cartriges in the drive so that they loaded was not easy and i could sit there for hours just trying to get them in right, just to have an error screen pop up.
The PS2 i think, is also quite easy to use because evrything on the controller seems to be in the right place, and right where it needs to be, which is why i have some issues with the x-box, on which they seemed to have just moved the playstation controller round a bit and just to be different moved one of the analogue sticks.
Apart from the controllers i think that the x box, 360 is probrably the best looking console out of them all, its shape and colour looks the most attractive, and although the ps3 looks quite good, it looks bigger than my ps2 which is a bit off putting, (and i know im moaning alot in this one and this has nothing to do with any thing but why is there a dvd player in all these controllers-just go and buy a dvd player)
the 360

I really dont want to think that the normal bog standard PS2/3 controller is going to die out. However with the arrival of the "Wii" it seems that some users may want their controllers to encourage them to be more active, and a bit different. They may also want to see a newer and different type of console, which is why i think that the wii is so popular.

Personally i hate the Wii, and i think it is just an excuse for people who want to lose weight to say that they did some "excersise" that day. I also think that its for people who dont want to be seen as lazy gamers, beause they sit in front of a TV all day on a proper console. Which is why i have much love for my PS2.

As for the "joystick thing" i had one of those for my megadrive and it was the hardest thing to use, ever.

(And on a happier note, they still make most of the new games for ps2, which i found out today, when i saw the new call of duty next to manhunt 2, in HMV.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

First of all Donnie Darko- weirdest and most confusing film ever. Anything with time travel in it hurts my head.

And secondly I'm sorry about the Reading thing again because I still feel really stupid about not being able to read those incredibly boring and picture-less books.

Anyway I feel that the story in a game is almost as important as the story of a film, and it really annoys me when people just concentrate on the graphics quality. Most of the reviews I read mainly talk about "how good the graphics are" or bad depending. I'm sorry but, yeah quality of graphics is important, as is game play, but how long can you sit in front of a game and go "wow look at that rock texture". For me, personally if a game has no story, then it just doesn't interest me. Which is why I don't like the Sims (and because its extremely boring, who wants to watch a character clean the dishes?)

However I don't think that just a good storyline could support itself on its own, people have different interests. I mean this is just me, when i first started playing Lara Croft on the PS1 i couldn't remember the storyline at all and half way through I remember asking my sister what the point of the game actually was. Those games in my opinion are more game play based. Needless to say, the Lara croft games aren't one of my favourite.

There are other techniques used with storytelling to also engage the player:

Techniques to get a player to identify with the character he plays;
Techniques to get a player to bond with an NPC (a Non-Player Character)
Techniques to give an NPC a quality of emotional depth, even if the NPC speaks just one line of dialogue.
Techniques to take the player on an emotional journey


The storyline of a game can help or make the above points happen and without a proper storyline, the above cant happen properly or to its full extent, therefore making the player more distant to the character and less appreciative to the game as a whole.

So in all I personally believe that the story is by far one of the most, if not the most, important part of a game. Coming either ahead or tying with game play depending on the players preferences.