Thursday, 23 December 2010

christmas holidays

On to christmas. Over christmas i will complete the following tasks:
Finish my undamaged vehicle project-sketches, interior, renders
Finish my damaged vehicle project-sketches, interior, renders (for blitz open day standard)
finish outso project, character
send blitz renders of damaged car.
finish sketches for rooftop projects

Put everything onto a disk
Well first of all id like to thank chris and mike for opening the rooms two days after i should have gone home for christmas for me as these two days made a whole lot of difference in my rooftops project.
I have spent the past two weeks fretting over this project as yet again i was having unreal problems (the lighting wasnt building) and until monday this week i had woried that it would never be finished, ansd after weeks of helping me mark just happened to utter the phrase "have you moved computors" at which point i discovered that it was not my fault but the computor i had been on.
This has taught me a valuable lesson dont trust the computors at uni, and before you start deleting things move.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Panorama WTF

I have just sat and watched panorama 'addicted to games' and im sorry but im furious between parents being interviewed claiming they are afraid for their children's health and the patronising presenter there was little to redeem this clearly biased programme.
One teenager interviewed claimed that he had lost his university place because of games and another said that world of war craft was terrible and he wouldn't inflict it on anyone else (he said this while playing). And far from looking at the possibility that maybe it was their own fault that they were 'addicted' to these games panorama went to Blizzard games with the air of someone who was expecting an apology for these “poor young men”.

I would also like to point out that they lost their university places because they haven't heard of something called prioritising. I mean personally I would like nothing to be playing games right now but I cant because I have work to do and because my parents instilled me with backbone so the next time these parents are crying that their kids wont put their 360s away maybe they should take a look at themselves instead of laying the blame at everyone else's door.

Friday, 3 December 2010

rooftop project

Well this project has been one of the glitchiest projects ive had in a while. To complete it has been a constant battle against unreal. However after it all its been worth it.

Due to the fact that unreal doesnt work on my home computor ive had the opportunity to time manage due to the teaching styles of the third year.

Because we are now pretty much left to our own devices and we were given two projects to work on at the same time i could do unreal work at uni and either do the assets and tweeking of textures at home, and when the rooftop got boring and i needed a break i could then move onto the vehicle project which was helpful.

These are some in game shots of my rooftop project: