Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ive always mainly reflected on, how something happened, how it turned out and these two things tell me whether to do it again. This also applies how i learn at uni. In heathers lessons i will use a process again (or not) depending on how well it went. This in recent months has also been applied to drawing with the techniques that Chris and jack have taught, this however also means i now have to think about drawing before i do it.

Also after reading the first link about how after imagining an idea most people skip straight to the creating it part of the process. However if there was one thing i learnt from college was never skip the in between steps as these are crucial to refining and improving your work. I think that this is how I learn what looks good and what looks bad by using those steps and i think that that is what the first link is saying-by skipping those parts and not "reflecting" on your ideas you loose quality.
However like it said in the task layout thinking more clearly is an essential life skill and i think that for me this is one thing i will have to work on, as i think that my work, especially the projects for Chris, can become easily distracted and go off course

I also would have liked to have read the other two links but I'm at a library and because its quite shit it won't let me.