Wednesday, 22 October 2008

There are a number of issues that face reviewers, one of which is whether to go on their likes and dislikes of go straight for the technical qualities and to review it objectively.
However if the reviewer does decide to include their own opinions they must also decide how much to include and how to balance their piece without sounding biased or one sided.

The articles taken from the NGJ are subjective. In my opinion the subjective reviews from such websites are more useful to the consumers as the objective reviews are more likely to be set into 1 category and may just focus on the negative parts of a game for example if a game has poor graphics, which may then just label the game crap and not up to standard. Whereas a subjective game reviewer may write about small details which an objective reviewer may not have taken into consideration, such as side missions in a game etc.

The following review is taken from: and uses objective comments to explain why the reviewer liked the game

"I got this game for Xmas as did most people, and I immediately fell in love. Everything is so perfect with it there is not one bad comment I can say about it, graphics are lush, framerate is stunning and controls are like silk."

"When i have been playing on it I have been thinking,why is this game so good. And just the other day I realised that the combination of good gameplay and suberb graphics is going to result in an outstanding gameing experience. My two mates woody and scott have both played on the game and both say the graphics are good."

Although this review is obviously quite biased, the reviewer has explained why they liked it using technical reasons such as the quality of the graphics and controls, whihc would generally make this game subjective.

I value subjectivity in game reviews as most of the time issues like the quality of the graphics and the game play dont usually affect whether i personally like a game of not.

For example games like "Bully". I found so many glitches in that game (especially in the cut scenes, and the controls) but i still loved it. However other games like the first Devil may cry, the graphics quality only helped me to enjoy the games more. Whether or not i like a game mainly depends on my personality. I love Manhunt and Grand theft auto, but don't like the more family based games like the Lego games. So my enjoyment of a game comes from the storylines and how much the player can do within the game which is anther reason i like bully and grand theft auto because there are small side missons and unlockable items which I feel is a subjective opinion. Whether i like a game is based mainly on genre, and audience, but aesthetics and game play may also play a part.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Over the past few years the gaming industry has seen higher quality consoles being created and sold, including the PS3 and the 360. Compared with their predecessors-the PS2 and X-box the main development are noticeable. Including the graphics, (the aesthetics of the games and its characters), the size of the games in general, which has increased (this is probably due to the quality of the graphics).

These recent development to the gaming industry lead to new pressures, such as how to make the quality of the graphics better and to continue to impress with the quality of the characters and their surroundings. This may then lead to the size of the games increasing, and there needing to be more up to date consoles being created which can handle the increasing size.

Personally for the future of gaming I would like to see more original games and less copycat games, .eg copies of the Grand Theft Auto games etc.

I would also like to see more games for the PS3, then I would probably go out and buy one, but at the minute I don't think its worth it (and also at the minute I cant really afford one).
The game I would most like to play is Devil May Cry 4 because I am a massive fan of the series and want to see how it has changed since the 3rd game, which i think was the best, and to see if they have improved on it. Which sounds quite sad because it came out a while ago, but since I don't have a PlayStation 3...

Monday, 13 October 2008

The first ever video game was created in 1958 and was called "tennis for two" and was played on an oscilloscope at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Then came the first game meant for use on a computer, called "Spacewar" created in 1967, This game ran on a computer called the PDP-1, when compared to the consoles of today would have been more than five times the size of a PS3

In 1972 one of the first computer game companies was created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, which was called Atari Computers who in 1977 brought out the most popular home gaming console called the Atari VCS 2600.

The gaming industry seemed to grow slowly until an industry collapse in 1983 which had many causes, including too many similar consoles and poor quality games being sold.

However the industry began to make its way back up with consoles such as the Sega master system in 1986 and the extremely popular Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987.

In 1995 the PlayStation was released, this became one of the worlds most popular games consoles, this console had moved on significantly from the cartridges of the Sega master system, and now used CD like disks and were now able to make the game and its characters more 3D looking and more lifelike.
After the PlayStation 2 was released Microsoft brought out a console of their own the x box, and the two companies, Sony and Microsoft have both been at the front of the gaming world, both bringing out better consoles at similar times.
From the two eras the 1950s- Tennis for Two, and today's ever expanding gaming market, with consoles like the PS3. The main difference is the quality of the graphics, and over time becoming more 3D and lifelike. The size of the games in general have also changed dramatically with the consoles of today being able to hold much larger and longer games.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

One of the first games I ever played, well remember playing was called monkey Island and I think was for the Atari console which my dad got for us second/third hand for cheep so obviously it didnt last too long. However most of my favourite games that I played on (before the Playstation) were for the Sega megadrive, my favourite was Alex kidd mainly because I loved the bright colours and the bizzare characters.
The most recent game that I have been playing and trying furiously to finish is Devil May cry 3. I love this game because I like the way the character have obvious personalities and are defined clearly by the way they talk and act. I also particularly enjoy watching the cut scense which are cleaver funny and well placed.
In between the first game I first played and the most recent game i am playing at the moment I also had a playstation 1. I enjoyed moving up from the Sega megadrive, but because we couldnt really afford new consoles we also had to get the playstation console second hand which meant that the playstation 2 was nearly out. This was one of the reasons that has kept me playing games over the years as i was still appreciating the older consoles as the newer ones came out but also wanting to see the improvement of both the sound and visual aspects of the games as the consoles moved on.

However my first gaming experience was much later on than the first ever game was invented

"William Higinbotham created the first video game ever in 1958. His game, called "Tennis for Two," was created and played on a Brookhaven National Laboratory oscilloscope."
Another of the earliest games was called space invaders and because we baught all of our consoles second hand we had the portable version of this game, and compared to the newest portable consoles, was quite large and heavy.

In all I am quite behind in the consoles and am yet to purchase a PS3, or 360 (but I prefere the playstation, probrably because of the controls) and am still apreciating the PS2 games.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hi? I don't know what to say or how these blog things are meant to look.
Well my name is Katie Beardmore not Beardfacay that's what my friends call me (I think it was from scrubs) I'm 18, my birthday is in January and I love games which is why I'm on this coarse. My favourite game of all time is either Soul Reaver or Devil May Cry 3, I can start and finish soul Reaver in a day, I've played it so many times. I also like drawing, mainly people which is one of the main reasons I chose this coarse.
I have a boyfriend called Ashley and we've been together for nealy 6 months, I met him at Stephensons college in coalville where I was studying for a BTEC national diploma in multimedia