Thursday, 9 October 2008

One of the first games I ever played, well remember playing was called monkey Island and I think was for the Atari console which my dad got for us second/third hand for cheep so obviously it didnt last too long. However most of my favourite games that I played on (before the Playstation) were for the Sega megadrive, my favourite was Alex kidd mainly because I loved the bright colours and the bizzare characters.
The most recent game that I have been playing and trying furiously to finish is Devil May cry 3. I love this game because I like the way the character have obvious personalities and are defined clearly by the way they talk and act. I also particularly enjoy watching the cut scense which are cleaver funny and well placed.
In between the first game I first played and the most recent game i am playing at the moment I also had a playstation 1. I enjoyed moving up from the Sega megadrive, but because we couldnt really afford new consoles we also had to get the playstation console second hand which meant that the playstation 2 was nearly out. This was one of the reasons that has kept me playing games over the years as i was still appreciating the older consoles as the newer ones came out but also wanting to see the improvement of both the sound and visual aspects of the games as the consoles moved on.

However my first gaming experience was much later on than the first ever game was invented

"William Higinbotham created the first video game ever in 1958. His game, called "Tennis for Two," was created and played on a Brookhaven National Laboratory oscilloscope."
Another of the earliest games was called space invaders and because we baught all of our consoles second hand we had the portable version of this game, and compared to the newest portable consoles, was quite large and heavy.

In all I am quite behind in the consoles and am yet to purchase a PS3, or 360 (but I prefere the playstation, probrably because of the controls) and am still apreciating the PS2 games.

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