Friday, 30 October 2009

I also wanted to put my train final in:

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Masterpiece-who and why

The artsist and image i have chosen to recreate is "The Honourable Mars Graham" by Thomas Gainsborough. I have chosen this artist because I like the old fashioned style of the Painting, and pastile colours he has used such in the image i have chosen:

I chose this painting in particular becaus ei thought the way that the woman portrayed looks to be quite a delicate well dressed woman, but her eyes say that she could be something else. I also chose this painting because i love the ruffling in the dress and the intricacy of the woman as a whole. including all the small details on her dress but also the way that the background is subtle and implys detail
I also thought that it would be a bit of a challange due to all the detail. I also wanted to try to improve on the physicallity of the subject as i thought that the neck was a bit out of preportion.

i picked this particular artist for the way he portrays what is happening in his scenes. i also like the way that the subjects in his paintings look aloof and royal making his paintings look grand. I aslo liked the realistic nature of his paintings but also the way he had an overly pastille look to them aswell which made the landscapes look attractive and at a perfect time of the year.

i also liked his landscapes for the same reason because most of them have a bright and sunny feel to them.

this is my final piece:

I tried to make the neck look more realistic is shape and legnth and i also tried to recreate the subtle background of the original. I particularly like the way i recerated the skirt on my version.