Friday, 22 October 2010

Well weve not been back for long and already the pressures on. The thoughts of getting a job getting better at not only 3d but drawing as well. The thought of having to plan a final project now feels weird and the thought that this project will be the main part of my portfolio, and the pressure to pick the right subject and something that wont bore me is something that is getting to me as everyone else seems pretty sure what subject theyre going to do, and where theyre going to be next year.

Well I have a few ideas for my final major project my first one would be a character/environment project based around a book, the book i would use is one ive enjoyed for years since i was about 14 i would use one of the books from the vampire diaries series but i would make sure i didnt use a part which was particularly gothic because as chris pointed out i dont want to be labeled.

My second idea would be an environment project. There is an area in ashby of an overly demolished house in the middle of a small forest

And my third idea is the house that chris found in the middle of a field, the only problem with this is i dont know where this house is. and even after extensive searches on google earth i still cant locate it.

so my FMP is between the first two ideas the book and the environment