Monday, 29 March 2010

So far this “holiday” So called because I'm going to be in for most of it. I'm not complaining having time off is for the summer and trying to get good fast as well, I've started to alter my assets giving them more rounded off edges which heather asked for and I have also altered some of the finals for Chris. The final piece for Chris which I've altered is the train final. I think it looks a lot better, so much so I was disappointed in myself for handing in the first attempt because it was so crap and clearly unfinished.

In my review I had an aphifany I realised what Chris had been saying for the past almost two years less detail in the back of the image and more in the front makes the picture look 3d which is what I've tried to incorporate into my altered version of the train final.

unfortunately at the minute my internet wont let me load it so ill have to do it tomorrow when i go into uni.

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