Friday, 26 March 2010

Well I have to talk about the second year so im going to compare it to the first to show the difference.
I feel that the second year has befitted from the first years mistakes and as I, in the late first year, Managed to start opening Max without worrying what was going to happen and since have been able to fix most problems Max causes without closing it down in a fit of worry, and have since been able to create and model things faster, an example a four week project which in the first year would have taken me four or maybe more weeks took me one week.
Drawing wise I think on the digital front I have improved quite a bit maybe because ive gotten the hang of the brushes and where everything is, ive also gotten the hang of human poses thanks to life drawing which has enabled me to see the human form from most angles it has also enabled me to practise the aspect of drawing I had problems with perspective and foreshortening.

The group project has also enabled me to work with other people, and tolerate people who might upset me and who I might not work with normally.
I also think that the second year has allowed me to work better without having the tutors looking out all the time and that the other people in my class have helped me to learn things without having to bother heather all the time.
I think that the third year will have the tutors stepping back even further. And will rely on me sorting my own problems out even more than now.
It will also involve me becoming better at the 3D and drawing which is what I plan on doing over the summer by the third year I hope to have:

sorted out my normal maps
texture baking
and to be able to create better diffuse maps

I will also improve my drawing over the summer which will include perspective and landscape views.

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