Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Well back to the group projects. My god I'm getting bored, its just looking at the same assets over and over again if I see those blue chairs again I might start a fire for them.

I might also have to make some changes in my evaluation because since the last presentation things have changed dramatically and we might actually have something to show at the end of it this time.
Well unreal update (which I've been picking up surprisingly quickly) I've learnt how to create animated textures (thanks Mark) for the TV I've nearly got fracture meshes, and I managed to cut a door out of the wall. I've also managed to get decals dirt and blood and the lighting is better as well. All of this, and all of the teams assets in the scene has improved the look of the level which mike said was boring and which I agree with, but I think now it'll be more interesting, hopefully. And I also hope to be able to have the rest of the teams assets in unreal by the end of the Easter holidays.

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