Friday, 12 November 2010

Its only 4 weeks into the third year and already im suffering from emotional distress. This was mainly caused be my own lack of beleif in myself. However thanks to my chat with chris and heather i am now back on track. This leaves me to re concentrate on the rooftops project, which considering how mundane the project is (with all the gray) im actually enjoying the challenge of creating a full level indipendantly as the only other level experience we have was in the group project and that was part of a team.

Im also enjoying all the new stuff im learning, mainly in unreal, and seeing a level ive created taking shape.

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Michael Powell said...

good to hear, don't let the pressure of what happens next get you down. One thing at a time, make each poject as good as you can, and focus on them.

The future will arrive in its own sweet time anyway, so leave it in peace