Thursday, 8 January 2009

Creativity is quite weird, I suppose if you don't have it then you could be seen to be quite a boring or limited person. However to get through life I don't suppose its necessary.

However in the gaming industry, like most artistic industries, Creativity is a must, If you don't have it then, like before your designs would be boring and I suppose it would completely rip of other games and their characters.

I also think that this is probably where blatant plagiarism comes from, the inability to think of your own ideas, which would lead to copying of other peoples work.

This quote was taken from:

Abraham Maslow:
The key question isn't "What fosters creativity?" But it is why in God's name isn't everyone creative? Where was the human potential lost? How was it crippled? I think therefore a good question might be not why do people create? But why do people not create or innovate? We have got to abandon that sense of amazement in the face of creativity, as if it were a miracle if anybody created anything.

This one, looks to be a better definition of the term "creativity"

Alan Alda:
The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.

Which is true because to be creative you must look around at things u might never have noticed or taken inspiration from before. Because if u just used things you were knew about before, in every single drawing and piece of work you did that would not be creative, it would become repetitive and boring.

Before reading that quote i thought that creativity was just, anything that you've drawn or made.

This quot taken from the same website is strange but I kind of understand it:

Carl Sagan:
If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.

I suppose its saying that to create something you must think about every little bit first, and take inspiration from stuff around before you can come to any kind of an end product.

"The quality or ability to create or invent something; originality.2

I think that the key word of this extract is originality, Because like i said before if what you've made isn't original, or just takes inspiration from other people work or the world around you, its not really creative, its copying.

The world of games however, can show their creativity clearly, Through the costumes or clothes their characters wear, the monsters or "villains" that they fight. Or the surroundings that the characters fight in. A number of the games that I have played on have had the most interesting and original surroundings, like Soul Reaver, which also has the most creative and memorable characters in it. Another game with an original backdrop is the price of Persia game i mentioned last week, The different areas of the different castles and palaces were very intricately thought through.

Another way that a game can show creativity is through its entire concept. Soul Reaver and Shadowman for the PS1 had a very original story lines.

So probably in all, along with film, The games industry probably has the most chances and ways of showing its creativity, as it has alot more mediums to go with and use to its advantage

Technical Constarints probrably used to hinder the creativity of the game, more than now. I doubt that the artists who designed the first Lara Croft, drew her out as Triangles and boxes. By todays standards the artists can design pretty much what appears in the actual finished game, so there are less technical restraints now rather than back then.
Out of all the people listed-the art director, The artists, Programmers, and the Writers, I think that all of them play a part in the creativity of a game but contribute in different ways and their contributions usually come in different orders so the people who get the game/characters last may have more restraints on their creativity than the writers who would have first come up with the ideas

I think that this is another part of creativity, whether or not what you "create" is memorable, or will it just be forgotten after a first glance.
This is the way that I would want my work to be awknowledged in, I would like it to memorable, in a good way, because I try to make all of my work original, but as soon as it starts to blend in with the rest of my work then I know I'm going to have to start rethinking my work.


Blair said...

Apparently, they had so few polys to use on Lara because of some issues with the framerate, certain parts of her had to be 'emphasised' to make her even recognisable as a female, ha. Good job.

Katie said...

the certain "Triangle" parts of her, haha
Thanx :D