Thursday, 29 January 2009

For starters I don't have "friends" i know only through MSN, mainly because my parents have never decided top get the Internet. But even if I had ever had the Internet at home i still don't think that i would have any just Internet friends. But I do think that websites like facebook, and maybe my space help your friendships you make in the real world to grow, and helps you to get to know your friends better, and get in touch with older lost friends.

Anyway, gaming for me is part of a bigger picture. For example when I'm at home I usually just draw most of the time, however if I'm in the mood i will play on my PlayStation. I think that this is probably something to do with the lack of games that I own, and some of them I have either finished or were so crap that I put them in once and then put them away again.
However if i find a game i really enjoy or really get into that's all ill do until i finish it.

However Ive made a few mistakes, when i first put gun in, i lost and got angry and put it away, haha, if id known u could ride a horse i would have carried on...

I don't really know what gaming cultures I'm a part of. Il just name what I do and don't like and il go from there.

I like games like devil may cry but i wouldn't for example go out dressed as the characters to conventions. I also enjoy most Rockstar games. so realistically i don't belong to any particular gaming culture i borrow parts of different cultures to make up my own personal gaming interests. I do however have one specification to all games i play there must be some sort of violence, any kind or amount as long as it has it in there.

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