Tuesday, 17 March 2009

i think my blogs are in the wrong order, again, sorry.

So creativity part two well i er don't know where to go from the last time.

well i suppose since last time, we had that talk on creativity, and i also found out that without meaning creativity is non existent, it can also be belittled by others and therefore ruined which I'm sure is what that guy from the video was talking about when he was saying that school education has ruined creativity. Which i agree with in some aspects, i mean if the a child is seen to be good at art by the teacher then their art will be put on the wall. I remember on more that one occasion some children in my primary school class had their work put up and other children when they asked about their work were actually told that theirs wasn't as good as the displayed work which is probably where he was coming from.

He also said that "children are being taught out of creativity" i also agree with this as I wasn't really taught how to draw by any of my teachers but as i said above i was told when a picture was "wrong" through my grades. A "better" picture would get a better grade. So that pretty much taught me how i shouldn't draw, not how I should.

I believe that creativity can be shown in many different ways, like i said in my last blog, i think that u don't really need to draw to be creative and that art is not the only output or conduit of creativity. However ideas can be creative as well but i think that its what u do with the idea and how u present it, in your head creative thoughts are pretty much pointless.

I have to apologise again that this isnt as long as id have liked.

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