Monday, 14 December 2009

Im now going to comment on marks musings-I agree. the amount on arguments caused between my BOYFRIEND (yes mike i have one lol) and i because of my stress levels are one too many to count.

I alsowrote another blog but have now lost it so im going to try to re-write it as best i can

I n the "lost blog" I wrote about what we spoke about on tursday, mainly that of recent ive found it very useful to have all three areas of game art around me when i sit down to work, laptop, sketchbook and a word document for mike. So when i get half way through Heathers work and get bored i just have to turn to chris' work whereas before it was Id get bored of heathers work but because i couldnt be "bothered" to find chris' id just carry on.

well that was the jist of the blog

Id also like to include a picture of my recent final for chris:

This is the trenches in the newarke museum (the one next to the uni) and i chose it because of the way it was lit.

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