Wednesday, 9 December 2009

well as i said in last thursdays hour with mike i hate working in the labs due to the "judgement factor" which is mainly my phyco brain telling me that my work is crap and that the person sitting behind me's work is ten times better than mine which considering its usually third years sitting behind, it generally true.
Now the place i do find easiest to work in is my own house in front of the tv where no one knows wot the hell a vert or poly is.
i cant remeber who it woz that brought up the first years work i think it might have been rachael but yes it god damn intimidating to have a first year give you advice
or point out where you could improve, and it is very hard being in between two groups of people who are putting out awesome work, and then theres us, me in particular, only just found out about the "create" tool.i know that mike said that its not our fault or something alone those lines I feel like I personally havnt been trying my hardest even though I know that
I spend almost all of my time working on my 3d and as a result of that large amount of time being spent on 3d ive not been producing as much 2d work as id like so what chris said in my review is obviously right.
However i do feel like my modelling has improved a bit recently especially on the self portrait and i found that using splines on the face contours was helpful.

Ive enjoyed the recent films as well apart from the one with ice cube and ice t in it which as soon as someone said it was made by the guy who directed the warriors I spent the rest of the film wishing it was the warriors.
I thought the film as a whole was recked by the crappy acting i didlike the storyline though it was a cleaver idea to make "the building a charcter".
I aslo liked the part of black hawk down that the dvd allowed us to watch, as ive never seen it before, I especially liked the way it gave the charcetrs personalities so when they died you felt something for them
as quite a few films dont do that and you dont give a crap who lives or dies.
And last weeks film Enemy at the gates did the same as black hawk down. I cant explain why I liked it it was probrably the way they killed Helboy that were a shock.
I liked it enough to rewatch it on film4 today which i dont think has happened before.

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