Thursday, 29 April 2010

end of the group projects

Well i don't think that in my design document i covered exactly what my role was in the group projects so I'm going to start by explaining that. At first i was just modelling and texturing. I modelled the following objects:

Big Blue chairs
Front Desk
Computer(front desk)
Camera(front desk)
sandwich board
classroom windows
box windows
sanitary bin
girls toilet window
round window
and the lugs and pipes that went between the pillars

and i also modelled the following objects when i finished my queens building objects:

dead body under cover
decayed sheet to go on top of the gurney
crash cart
iv drip
computer (hardrive, monitor, keyboard) for security room
filling cabinet

but as the project progressed i decided to move onto the unreal aspect of the project this included uploading my assets and other peoples assets including the textures. I also created quite a few of the decals in the level. But out of all of my assets the part i am most pleased about is the static on the TV.
I found on the whole that the group projects enabled me to learn alot especially in unreal which at the start of the project i knew nothing about unreal and now i can import assets with static meshes and textures and convert them to materials i can also create animated textures, decals and figure out why problems occur.

I had a few problems during the project one of these was the lines running down a few of my assets which i tried hard to figure out why it was happening but as the end of the project drew near i had to give in and make them again and export them differently than i had done the first time around.

This project has taught me to have other responsibilities so that if i fail I'm not just going to let myself down I'm going to let down everyone else in the group, Importing other peoples assets also enabled me to gain some more responsibility in the way that i had to handle other peoples assets and that if i didn't put them in right then that would be unfair to the person who made it so i decided to ask where people wanted their assets to go, which i thought would have been better than me putting them in where i wanted.
At the start of the project I was afraid of the group project and that i wouldn't like having the friction of working with other people but now that it is over I'm glad that that friction was there and if it had been an easy ride i wouldn't have learnt as much as i have.

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