Monday, 12 April 2010

In my third year (if i make it on) i hope to achieve the skills and high quality level that the current third years have, during one of the presentations by Del the difference between his second year work and third year work was massive, and sitting next to the third years and seeing how easily they use the programmes, form the first year to the second my work already (i think) made a quality leap and i hope that by heavy practice and looking for inspiration from other peoples work and flow lines, i hope that my work will make that second leap.
Drawing wise i hope to carry on improving which i know i am slowly. I keep having small revelations. Where things that have been said to me and explained over and over again finally click and make sense, I hope that in the third year these things will make sense and sink in faster so that i don't waste time making low standard work and then realise at the end of the year whats wrong with it.

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