Friday, 28 January 2011

The programming society thing

Well not only did i attend, Im also a rep for the game art students, yay.
So where do I begin, well i think il start with their overly large and powerful computors, wtf how much memory does a bit of code take up?
I mean while were up here trying to figure out which computors a) actually run unreal and b) will it actually build your work, while theyre over there complaining that the log in time for there monster machines is five minutes (boo hoo).
Also why is it necessary for them to have space invader carpets and pac man walls surely that could buy something more productive.
And do they really need that 3d projector????

They also didnt seem to understand what we do (play games and draw was their understanding) so we spent a while explaining a number of times explaining that we do more than that.

Apart from these obvious flaws the night wasnt that bad, and im sure if we keep going every thursday we'l learn something about working with programmers and how things work.

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