Thursday, 21 April 2011

21st april

well as the end is near this is where I am and what i have been doing within the last few weeks

Since the last tutorial, heather and Chris suggested that i make my level less saturated i.e take the colour levels down a bit as it didn't really reflect the genre the books are from and instead of making the level less Gothic as Chris suggested I have in fact gone too far away from it, which is something i agree with and have since altered.
I have also, to make my level less static, added dust particle effects in the attic, and steam particles from the cup on the coffee table.
I have 'gothed up' some of the furniture as well as it was all a bit too modern and typical American.
In the attic to make it more attic like i have included cobweb decals and planes overlay ed with dust decals which gives it a more attic like look instead of being too clean which i felt that it was previously.
I also felt that some of my level was still too open and spacious I tried to solve this problem by adding dark wooden panels along some of the walls in the living room and the hall of the house this also gave the level more of a Gothic and expensive feel which is also something i was looking to achieve.

Where the character is concerned i have almost finished textureing and am considering how to import her into the unreal file. I may have her laying down on the mattress as replacing the main character which her seems almost impossible at this stage with such short space of time left.

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